farm to Cup

Roadbars is committed to sustainability, We source our ingredients from local farms whenever possible and buy the “ugly” produce or produce that otherwise might go to waste. Our single use cups are biodegradable or recyclable and we are a no straw bar. Cocktails are a tasty way to make an impact!

Learn more about the farms we sourced from below.

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Waterwheel Gardens

Kurtis and Matt are our main guys for berries and most of our fruit. We talk every week about any leftover or ugly fruit they have and buy 20 pounds at a time. Their strawberries are beyond tasty and their white peaches and nectarines are glutinous. They have the most delicious fresh pressed apple cider that we use in the fall too.


squash blossom farm

Without the basil from this farm we would be lost! Their beautiful herbs grace most of our cocktails as garnish too. Every year we harvest as many sour cherries as we can off their trees for our favorite sour cherry-lime shrub. Sara and Ed of Squash Blossom Farm helped us take an additional step towards sustainability when they offered to compost all our organic citrus rinds.


Agrarian Harvest

The Klimes Family have bailed us out of many produce shortages. We source additional herbs from them as well as peppers for our spicy syrups. Their tomatoes make a killer Bloody Mary base and their squash produces gorgeous shrubs.